Colored Contacts

Colored contacts are not exclusive to people with poor eyesight. Even if you have perfect vision you can get a pair of non prescription colored contacts to alter the appearance of your eyes. Colored contacts have become very popular of late because they allow you to change how you look. The best thing to do is take your time when shopping for non prescription colored contacts so that you are sure to get exactly what you are looking for.

In order to find non prescription colored contacts you will need to do a little digging. The best place to start your research is on the internet. Make sure that the company has good reviews as you do not want to put anything in your eye that could be harmful. Aloha Contacts at is our preferred store in terms of both quality and styles offered. Aloha is one of the most reliable options we’ve found.

It should be noted that even though you do not need a prescription to get the lenses you should still talk to your eye doctor. You will have peace of mind knowing that you have ordered from somewhere that can be trusted. The other reason to talk to your doctor is because they will be able to tell you the potential dangers of wearing contact lenses if you have good vision. You will not be placing your eyesight in great danger by wearing  non prescription colored contacts but there is a chance you could develop dry eyes or a series of other minor complications. However, the chances of either of these events is remote.

The great thing about these lenses is that you can wear them to achieve the exact look that you are looking for. For example, if you are interested in changing your eye color to blue you can do that really quickly through the use of colored contact lenses. Since the lenses can be easily put in your eyes and removed there is no obligation to keep the eye color for a long period of time if you choose not to. In addition to that, if you tire of having blue eyes you can simply order another color to change your appearance once again.

Non prescriptions colored contacts have helped a great many people feel better about the way that they look. By being cautious with where you buy from and getting advice from your doctor you could have the eye color that you have always wanted within the next couple of days or weeks.

One of the most noticeable parts of the body is the eyes. Why not put a little something to make your eyes more interesting? Non prescription contact lenses are one of the most in-demand fashion statements today. With so many colors and designs to choose from, anyone can wear non prescription contact lenses every day which they can match to their mood and clothes. There is no doubt that non prescription contact lenses are the hottest fashion statement today!

Non Prescription Colored Contacts – Why They Never Go Out Of Style

Isn’t it frustrating how you can change the way you look from head to foot but can’t change how your eyes look? You can buy new clothes, have a new hair style, try different makeup and others but cannot change the way your eyes look. You can try putting makeup around the eyes to make them more beautiful, but they will still look the same. Well, non prescription contact lenses can solve all these problems for you. There are so many ways to change how you look but there is only one way to change how your eyes look, and that is by using non prescription contact lenses. You might not be wearing a new set of clothes which you bought this season, next season because they will not be in fashion anymore. With non prescription contact lenses, you can always use them any season you want!

Non Prescription Colored Contacts – Who Should Wear Them?

If you are that kind of woman who likes to look good and always want to be in style, then you should definitely include non prescription contact lenses in your accessories. If you also want to make a fashion statement, then you should wear them too. If you want to get noticed or attract attention, then non prescription contact lenses are for you. You see, non prescription contact lenses are a very subtle fashion accessory but have a major impact on how you look. Your friends will notice that something is different about you but will not immediately discern that it is your eyes. So, if you are someone who always sets the standard of what is in and what is out in fashion in school or in the office, or someone who wants to stand out from all the rest and different, then get non prescription contact lenses today! It will change how you look.

Non Prescription Colored Contacts – How You Should Wear Them

Wearing non prescription contact lenses is as easy as wearing regular contact lenses. There are many non prescription contact lenses available with different designs and colors available. You should choose a color and style that will match the color of your outfit or the style you are trying to get. There are non prescription contact lenses that will just change the color of your eyes. These are great for getting a new natural look, and it is great for everyday wear. There are also non prescription contact lenses that not only change the color of your eyes; some will change how your eyes look, literally! They are perfect for costumes, events, or if you just want to be really different. Take note that the natural color of your eyes will affect the outcome of your eyes when colored non prescription contact lenses are used. To be sure that you will get satisfying results, ask the supplier for additional information on what colors will work best for the color of your eyes.

Non prescription contact lenses will be your best friend when it comes to accessorizing. They are so flexible that you can wear them every day and still look different each time! You can choose from a wide range of colors and styles that will suit your personality, style, and mood. So, if you want to be in fashion, or you want to be different, then get non prescription contact lenses today!

Millions of people from every part of the world are unhappy with their appearance in one way or another and one thing which many people would change is the look of their eyes. Fortunately for them, today they can get non prescription colored contacts which will alter the look of their eyes to virtually anything they want. These colored contacts can simply alter their eyes to be a few shades different or a completely different color which could look natural or very extraordinary. They can also get great contacts which will change the entire look of their eye, including putting unique shapes and designs right on their eyes.

Colored contact lenses allow people to alter the look of their eyes very quickly and inexpensively. There are many reasons people like using contacts to alter their look. Some people don’t like the color of their eyes and are happier when they change the color to something they feel is more attractive. Other people use non prescription colored contacts like a fashion accessory to help their eye color match their outfit. Still others use special effects colored contacts to make a fun or scary look on their eyes for special events or to make some sort of statement.

Naturally, one of the most popular times of the year for non corrective colored contacts is Halloween. There are dozens of different types of contacts which can make your eyes look anything from ultra bright and sexy to very scary to help match virtually any Halloween costume. Halloween colored contacts can help complete any costume by changing the look of your eyes in a very drastic way. One common example is to get colored contacts which will turn your entire eye black to look possessed or like a vampire. Other people choose to make their eyes look like a different animal such as a lion or puma to help complete their animal themed costume. No matter what your costume choice this Halloween, there are surely some non prescription colored contacts which will fit perfectly.

Even if it’s not for any special holiday, using colored contacts can be something fun to do on even a casual event. Choosing cosmetic contact lenses for just a fun night out with friends can help draw attention to your eyes and even be a great conversation starter. Some people choose to color their eyes because they like the cute look it can give them. Others like to startle people when they put in scary looking contacts and make eye contact with a stranger. Whatever your reason for wearing them, on a fun night out with friends, it can really make for an exciting time.

Fortunately, today there are some very cheap colored contacts available, so it is very affordable for virtually anyone to change the color of their eyes. Since you can get colored contacts from many different locations today without spending too much money, many people have started to have quite a collection of different non prescription colored contacts so they can customize the look of their eyes for any sort of different event. Even just a casual date with a spouse can be spiced up by adding in a hot new eye color. People will be surprised at how much different they can look by simply altering the color of their eyes.

Many people who are looking to change their look will dye their hair, but it can be just as effective to simply toss in a pair of cosmetic contact lenses and have a great new look. Combining these two cosmetic methods of altering your look can make for quite a surprise to even those closest to you. Many people have found that they can fool even close friends and family by just changing the color of their hair and eyes. Until they are seen up close, most people could walk right by their friends without being recognized. This can be fun and exciting for many people who enjoy changing their look from time to time. It is possible to get an entirely new look without spending a fortune with a simple box of hair dye and a box of colored contact lenses.

Another popular thing today is for teenagers to want to use non prescription colored contacts to make their eyes stand out. Nearly every teenager and young adult is looking for a great way to express themselves and their individuality and using crazy colored contacts is starting to become more and more popular. Many parents allow their children to do this since there is no long term effect and it is an inexpensive way to let their children develop their own unique sense of fashion. While some children may use the more extreme types of colored contacts as a way to rebel, most adults can rest comfortably knowing that there is no long term damage being done and it is likely just a phase. Once they’ve gotten through the phase, they may revert back to just using more normal colored contacts on a regular basis.

No matter how old you are or what your reasons, using non prescription colored contacts can be a fun and easy way to alter your look. They can be used daily to give a more permanent change or just once in a while for a temporary alteration. Having colored contacts is a great and inexpensive way to allow yourself to make a big change to your look without having to spend a lot of money or put in too much effort. It only takes a moment to put them in and take them out, so it’s easy to change your mind at any point. Most people like the fact that they have a lot of options to choose from, so there are sure to be colored contact lenses which are perfect for your needs and desires.

More than ever, people are looking into molding their appearance with the assistance of non prescription colored contacts. While they can give you a great look, you need to have the right information if you want to use colored contacts in a safe way without exposing yourself to an unnecessarily large risk of infection. Not only that, but you’ll want to know what sort of price range you’ll be looking at and what kind of work goes into taking care of them. Here we’re going to answer all of your questions so that you can make an informed decision.

If you’ve never worn contact lenses before, then you’ll want to start off by learning how to properly clean and store them. Non prescription colored contacts are cleaned with the same basic cleaning solution that you can use for traditional contacts, and they are often stored in the same solution for sanitary purposes. While colored contacts are a lot of fun to wear, you have to take their maintenance very seriously because if you don’t, then the consequences to your eye can be dire. Don’t let this scare you off because the cleaning process is very simple and straight-forward, but it has to be taken seriously for the sake of your health.

Once you have the maintenance aspect understood, you’ll want to decide on a color. Colored contacts for dark eyes tend to shy away from dark or neutral colors like hazel, brown or dark green because they won’t be so easy to see. Instead, the colors you see in colored contacts for dark eyes tend to be bright blues or greens. Along similar lines, three-tone lenses tend to be preferable over two-tone lenses if you’re wanting your eyes to really stand out. However, if you simply want to change the appearance of your eyes without making too drastic of a change, a more subtle two-tone approach might be more to your liking.

As far as typical price ranges go for non prescription colored contacts, you can be looking at anywhere from $25 to $50 for a single pair depending on the brand, how long they can be worn before being thrown away, and the design. Colored contacts that are made to last longer and those that have more complicated designs like non-traditional shapes tend to cost more. Additionally, two-tone contacts tend to cost a little less than three-tone contacts.

If you’re looking for a long-term, consistent change in your eye color, then you’ll want to be careful to keep up with the colored contacts you choose so that you can reorder the same set when yours are ready to be replaced. However, one great thing about non prescription colored contacts is that they are generally easy to match up in terms of color and design if you lose track of the exact pair that you have. The worst case scenario is usually that you’ll have to settle for a pair that look only slightly different, and chances are that no one will notice the change.

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One thing that can completely change your looks other than the bright smile on your face is your eyes. The most important thing that people watch when communicating is the eyes. The eyes communicate more than words. One thing that is hugely popular & can change your complete looks with minimum efforts & cost would be non prescription colored contacts. Non prescription colored contacts is surely a great way to reinvent your looks. They can change your dull eyes into bright shinning diamonds which add up to your personality. Non prescription colored contacts can turn your eyes from dark brown to sparkling blue and add glamour to your personality or sea green to add grace to your floral dress. They can change your complete look for a red carpet event by changing the color of your eyes & add glitz to your personality. They immediately highlight your eyes, which will surely attract you more attention. As suggestive of the name, non prescriptions colored contacts are non corrective & are purely used for cosmetic purpose. That does not mean that they are of lesser quality as compared to corrective contact lenses. They are made up with same precision & quality standards.

In today’s time non prescription colored contacts come in soft adjustable shape which makes them easy to use for even first timers. They are very soft & take the shape of the iris which does not create a feel that a person is using some external thing in the eyes. They are available in daily disposable, monthly disposable & extended wear versions. Key things to be kept in mind while using non prescription colored contacts would be to use them hygienically. They need to be stored in clean boxes & need to keep them sterilized with lens cleaning liquids. The non prescription colored contacts should be removed before washing face & sleeping. If you face even slightest irritation in the eyes, their use should be discontinued immediately. Though they are absolutely safe to use even without doctor’s consultation but it is recommended that the doctor is consulted & right way of use is considered. It is important to know that non prescription colored lenses fit your eyes well or else they can scratch your cornea & do permanent damage to your eyes. Hence the brand of the contacts matters a lot.

Non prescriptions colored contacts come in variety of colors but the most dramatic of all are the non prescription colored contacts are opaque colored contacts. They completely cover the natural color of the eyes & give the eyes the color of the lens. They have a small hole in the middle through which the light passes & eyes function normally. They are the most popular in category of the non prescription colored contacts as they can change the looks of the eyes completely irrespective of the color of the eye. Other popular options would be to use enhancer colored contacts which just add shine & tint to the light colored eyes.

So next time you think of a makeover for yourself, start from the most beautiful things on your face… your  eyes. This is the easiest & fun way of changing your looks.

Colored contact lenses

Have you ever thought that you can give a chic look to yourself and your outlook without changing the style of the clothes you usually wear or without imprinting a tattoo on your body or without having a stylish haircut? Yes, this is possible and it’s not a tough task also. You can easily give a different and trendy look to yourself simply by changing your eye color. You are lucky enough that you belong to this modern era. Today, the market is full of numerous colored contact lenses and you can buy colored contacts as per your prerequisites.

Contact lenses are very much in trend today. Many of us don’t want to wear a pair of spectacles because it sometimes doesn’t suit our style. So the best substitute of a pair of spectacles is contact lenses. It has become widely popular among the teenagers as it gives a chic look to them. Earlier the contact lenses used to be available only in white color, i.e. transparent, but with the advancement in technology, contact lenses are available in the market in various colors. You can pick any of the color which suits your personality. Dark brown color contacts are the most common and the best color contacts which are being used by many of us.

Colored contacts without prescription

It’s better to buy colored contact lenses along with a prescription but it’s not mandatory. Colored contacts without prescription can now be a vital part of your collection of hot and trendy accessories as these give you a complete chic look. The color of your eye is said to be one of the most remarkable features. So to make it more attractive why not try some colored lenses. But before wearing those un-prescribed colored contacts you should consult a doctor. Although these contact lenses are made from materials of high quality but to be on safer side, you should consult your doctor.

Colored contact lenses latest trends

Colored contact lenses latest trends has influenced the teenagers, especially. Fashion contacts are very popular among teenagers. They need some new look every day to appear different from the crowd and be the limelight of the party. Contact lenses are available for almost all types of eye, whether you have dark eyes or light eyes or brown eyes. So just buy the right color contact lenses and wear it.

Cosmetic colored contacts add more to your look. You can give yourself a complete makeover by wearing cosmetic color contacts. These lenses give, instantly but subtly a complete different look to you.

How much do colored contacts cost?

Do you want to change the color of your eye but have a query in mind that how much do colored contacts cost. The cost is not that high at all. The prices are very reasonable and anyone can afford to wear them. Usually the minimum price of colored contacts is $25 and the maximum it goes to $ 45. But there are possibilities of alterations in the price as the price depends upon the demand, the material of which it is made of and the color.

Non corrective colored contacts

Do you want that people should notice you? Then, the best way to get everyone’s attraction is to use non corrective colored contacts. Most of the people use these non-corrective colored contacts due to various reasons. Commonly it is used by maximum people for enhancing the eye color. While few want to look a bit different from the crowd so that they are noticed easily.

Contacts for dark eyes

Are you having dark-colored eyes & are want to know that whether colored contact lenses are made for your eyes or not? So, the answer to your query is quite simple. There is a wide range of colored contacts which are designed especially for those people who are having dark eyes. You must be seeing at other light colored eye people and wondering that may you have that color for your eyes. Earlier it was impossible but with the invention of colored contacts for dark eyes, it’s possible. The colors which are suggested for dark eyes are Brilliant Blue, Sterling Grey and Gemstone Green. Apart from these there are still many colors which you can try. The cost of these lenses is also not too high. You can afford it. Colored contacts for dark eyes are available so that you can change the color of your eye for better matching the outfits you are going to wear. These can lighten the eye color and give you desired color. It’s very easy and safe to use.

Contacts for light eyes

Do you have light colored eye and looking for some option to make the color of your eyes dark? The good news for you is that, there are numerous colors which many contact lenses companies offer you, to make your eye color appear in a different color. You can change the eye color without any hassle and the prices of these lenses are also very affordable. So you can wear one colored lenses for three months and then discard them and buy a new one.

Buy Colored Contacts

If there is no shop in that place where you are living then you can even buy colored contacts online. There are so many companies which are offering both costly as well as cheap colored contacts online. So you can order colored contacts by selecting your preferred color(s) and ordering online. Through this online purchase you can get colored contacts very easily without stepping out of your house.

Halloween Contacts

Colored contacts are very much in demand during the Halloween as during this festival most of us want that the color of your eyes matches our outfit and we look scarier. The Halloween colored contacts includes the lenses of red, green, blue and yellow. These colors appear to be more daunting and scary. Ooooooo! You look so scary wearing those Halloween lenses. Honey colored contacts also gives you a bloodcurdling appearance. Some wear Halloween crazy colored contacts for adding more to their Halloween costume.

Contacts for light eyes

If you wear contacts then you probably know about all of the different brands and options that you have to choose from. However, one thing that most contact wearers do not realize is that they have the option of using colored contacts. Colored contacts have become very popular over the past few years due to the fact that the price has come down on them quite a bit. It is now possible to get these contacts for a fraction of what they used to cost before. If you are interested in using colored contacts there are a few facts that you should know before you go ahead and make the purchase.

On thing you’ll need to know is that there are no side effects from wearing colored contact lenses. However if you have concerns you should meet with your eye doctor to ensure that your eyes  are right for contacts. There is rarely a case where an individual is physically unable to wear colored contacts.

Another thing that you have to realize is that there is quite a variety in regards to color. Simply put, if you want blue colored contacts you are going to have to pick a shade that you want. This is nice because it allows you to customize the lenses to look exactly the way you want them to. Make sure that you make a wise decision in your color choice because the lenses are usually ordered in a three month supply. If you receive the colored contacts and do not like how they look or feel you may have to live with them for a while.

You will also want to consider the price of the contact lenses. Just like regular contacts, there are places where you can get them for cheaper. Take the time to shop around on the internet in order to get the best price for you. It will become obvious that different places will charge different prices for the lenses that you want. However, you want to make sure you are ordering from a place that has a good reputation. Aloha Contacts at is our preferred store in terms of both price and quality.

If you visit your doctor or shop around you should have no problem getting a good deal on colored contacts. Being patient and comparison shopping will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for at a price that you can most definitely afford.

If you are thinking about getting colored contacts to make your eyes lighter you are not alone. Simply put, there are thousands of people out there that have recently begun using colored contacts for dark eyes as a way to enhance their appearance. However, before you go out and buy these colored contacts there are a few things that you should be made aware of. By using common sense as well as following a few of these tips you will be ensuring yourself that you are getting the colored contacts that you want at a price that you can afford.

The first thing that you want to do when you are after color contacts for dark eyes is decide on an exact color that you would be interested in. You need to know what color you want your eyes to be before you actually go and buy the contact lenses. A good way to determine your likes and dislikes as far as color is to find pictures of people that have the same general face shape, hair length & color, and skin tone. From there, see what color eyes they have and note whether you think they look good or not.

In addition, you are going to want to make sure you are buying your lenses from a reputable source. We only work with the best sources on the internet, so be sure to check with us first before buying.

If you do decide to go with colored contacts for dark eyes make sure to get a pair that fit your needs. For example, if you plan on only wearing them every once in a while you will not want to buy a year’s supply of disposable lenses. In this case, you will want to have one or two pairs that will last you for a long time. However, if you plan on wearing the lenses on a daily basis you should order ones that can be disposed of somewhat often.

Colored contacts for dark eyes are a nice thing that helps to give people the look they are looking for. If you decide to go with these lenses you will certainly be able to change your appearance overnight. Don’t forget to ask your eye doctor about the best place to buy these lenses in order to protect yourself.

The eyes are the window to the soul.”  Whether meeting a person for the first time, or greeting an old friend or acquaintance, at some point, usually sooner than not, each party will meet the others eyes.  The eyes can reveal emotions, intent, character – even the state of health.

Until recently, few options to change the appearance of the eyes existed.  Makeup was impermanent and “obvious”; surgery was costly and permanent.  Over the course of recent years, technological advancements have made colored contact lenses – from the realistic to the outlandish – not only possible, but affordable, allowing individuals to decide how their eyes will look according to their preferences.

How much colored contacts affect the appearance of the eyes depends on the level of tint which was applied during the manufacturing process.  Colored contact lenses are classed by tint levels:

  • Visibility Tints are not applied to the lens to alter the appearance of the wearer’s eyes.  Rather, they are a light tint, typically of blue or green color; the tint is present to make the contact lens more visible and easier to insert into, and remove from, the eyes.  The tint intensity is too weak to alter the wearer’s appearance.
  • Enhancement Tints are translucent tints of a solid (single) color.  Their saturation is slightly greater than that of Visibility Tints and are used for – as the name suggests – enhancing the wearer’s natural eye color.  The best candidates for enhancing contacts are those with “fine” facial features or light-colored irises who desire a “stronger” appearance.
  • Color Tints are the most intensely tinted class of colored contacts.  The tint is opaque and deep. Wearers with naturally dark eyes need to choose Color Tint contact lenses to change their eye color.  Opaque tints give the greatest range of choice, offering “natural” colors such as brown, blue and green – as well as dramatic colors such as grey, intense purple and even white.

Colored Contacts Offer Iris Patterns From The Realistic To The Fantastical

Wearers of colored contact lenses fall into two distinct categories: Those who wish to enhance or improve upon their appearance, and those who wish to look like someone or something they’re not.  Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to cater to both types of consumer.

The iris is the round, colored part of the eye which surrounds the black pupil.  When the iris is viewed closely, it becomes apparent that it is not one solid circle of color; its color is ofted gradated, different at the edges than at the center, and it may be speckled, filled with shapes and striated with lines of varying length.  Some colored contacts add texture that mimics this natural variation, making the eye appear “normal” when the lens is inserted.

Conversely, some Color Tint contacts overlay otherworldy patterns onto the wearer’s pupil, from blank white zombie-like emptiness to hypnotic, spiralling lines, to cat-eye like slits to “fractured” irises and mix-and-match 2-color lenses.  Not recommended for daily use, these types of colored contacts are suitable for costumes, theatre and film, Halloween and occasional nights on the town.

A Few Common Sense Precautions

Most people have few or no problems with their colored contact lenses.  The most common issues include the colored iris-area of the lens being too large for the wearer, slightly covering the pupil, and vision being affected by the change in pupil size depending on ambient light levels.

By adhering to the following basic guidelines, individuals can help ensure a safe and enjoyable wearing experience:

  • The colored contacts are fitted professionally by a qualified eye care doctor – an ophthalmologist or optometrist.
  • The lenses are not worn for longer than is recommended.
  • The lenses are never used by anyone except their owner, to avoid transmitting bacteria.
  • Any instructions pertaining to the duration of use, replacement of the lenses, care of the lenses and their disposal, given by a qualified professional, are followed.
  • Hands are cleaned prior to handling the lenses.  The lenses themselves are cleaned as instructed, and are disposed of when it is time.  Such precautions also apply to uncolored contact lenses, and should be followed.
  • Lenses are inserted and removed before applying and removing makeup to avoid contaminating them.
  • Lenses are lubricated only with the designated solution, not saliva, water from the tap or other fluids.

By following these basic tenets of good handling and use, colored contacts can be a fun and affordable way for anyone to change the appearance of their eyes, with nearly limitless styles, colors and levels of intensity to choose from.

Non Prescription Colored Contacts

Contact lenses these days are about more than simply correcting vision. Non prescription colored contacts offer anyone the ability to completely revamp their look with a couple flecks of plastic. Whether you want to wear blue contacts on brown eyes, brown contacts on blue eyes, make your eyes look bigger with black circle contact lenses, or even take on a vampire’s red eye tinge with special effect contacts, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The number of people wearing cosmetic contact lenses is exploding every year, and so are the choices. Choosing the right colors for your eyes can be overwhelming at times, but remember at the end of the day it’s all just good fun.

Colored Contacts For Dark Eyes

Not everybody wants a dramatic change to their eye color. One of the common usages of colored contacts is to warm up the tone of dark brown eyes. Some feel that wearing lighter brown colored contacts with dark eyes gives them a more warm, inviting look. This type of effect is perfect if you’re seeking color contacts for dark eyes that offer a subtle adjustment to your look, rather than a dramatic transformation.

Black Contact Lenses On Brown Eyes

On the other side of the coin, many women with dark eyes – particularly in Asia – have taken to the trend of darkening and enlarging the appearance of their iris with large, dark black circle lenses. These black circle contact lenses darken the eye into a bold black, while enhancing the size of the eye, giving the wearer a cute, innocent look.

Blue Contacts on Brown Eyes

Not everyone is a fan of subtlety. Blue contact lenses on brown eyes is a popular choice amongst those looking for something more dramatic and eye-catching (no pun intended). This can transform a brunette into a blonde if used alongside hair dye, or worn alone they simply give the wearer an exotic, alluring look.

Green Contact Lenses

There are some colors that give the wearer an exotic look, no matter what color their eyes were originally. The wide range of green contacts on the market give you the option of subtly enhancing your gaze, or completely altering your look. Green contacts with a light enhancement tint can give your brown or blue eyes a greenish tinge, while green opaque lenses can give your eyes a bright, vibrant green sure to draw just the right amount of attention.

Grey Contact Lenses

Grey contacts have a similar effect as green contact lenses, but where the green effect offers an exotic look with a tinge of warmth, grey contacts give your eyes a similar exotic look, but carrying with it a tinge of steely coldness you simply don’t get with any other color.

Crazy Colored Contacts

With colored contacts you’re not limited to realistic eye colors. While you may want to stick with blue, brown, green, or grey due to a preference for subtlety or a need to maintain professional appearances, others may want crazy colored contacts that really scream out. They want a look that will turn heads and express a wilder side of their personality.

If this sounds like your style, here are some color suggestions that can stand out and make a statement – all on their own.

Yellow Contact Lenses

If you don’t enjoy being the center of attention, then yellow contacts aren’t for you. While yellow contact lenses are popular Halloween contact lenses due to the monster-like effect they can provide, Yellow contacts are also a bold everyday choice for those who dress to match. Bright hair dye, yellow contacts, and an outfit that has people doing double takes is a “can’t miss” combination for bold personalities.

Purple Contact Lenses

Purple is another dazzling color that makes a statement. Not as bold or dramatic as yellow, purple contacts can still “pop” while retaining a soft, pretty look. Unlike yellow contact lenses, there’s still room for a certain level of subtlety with purple contacts. Go with a light enhancement tinge for a soft, pretty effect, or go with a high contrast lens to ooze wild sex appeal.

Pink Contact Lenses

No discussion of crazy colored contacts can be complete without a mention of pink contacts. If yellow and purple contacts stand out in a bold, “look at me or else” way, pink says “you don’t have to look at me, but you’ll wanna”. Pink contact lenses are great for the girly girl who wants to try a unique, playful new look.

Safety Considerations When You Buy Color Contacts Without Prescription

While colored contact lenses can look great and are a lot of fun, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re not toys, and they need to be purchased from a reputable seller and manufacturer.

When you order regular prescription contact lenses, you’re usually ordering from a dispenser with a license to dispense medical devices. However, since some colored contacts are worn only for cosmetic purposes, most jurisdictions – including the United States – do not regulate their sale. This means that when it comes to ordering color contacts without prescription, you may end up purchasing from a retailer or manufacturer who pays little care to contact lens fit & safety.

Even though you can legally purchase non prescription color contacts, it’s important to remember that even if you have perfect vision, contact lenses are sometimes regulated as medical devices for a good reason – if you damage your eyes, there’s no way to repair that damage. Though wearing non prescription contact lenses is generally safe, there is always a small chance that an ill-fitted contact lens may cause damage to your eyes.

We encourage you to keep safety in mind when making your color contact lens purchase, and we highly recommend that you don’t simply go for the cheapest of the cheap colored contacts you can find, but that you buy colored contacts from a reputable brand, or purchase them from a reputable store that dispenses prescription contact lenses as well. If you have never worn contact lenses before, get a checkup with your optometrist or ophthalmologist to be safe. They will likely give you the green light and encourage you to enjoy your color contacts and your new look – but a fresh look should never come at the expense of your eyesight.